Features of Time and Attendance

  • Set up of Multiple fingerprint recognition in a location
  • Tracks of each employee's check IN/OUT time
  • Views the total hours for a day, week or month
  • Tracks late comers
  • Views attendance of each employee.
  • Tracks the difference between actual work time against the specified work time by the organization.
  • Views the attendance for a day, week or for a month
  • Views employee overtime list

Payroll Management

Based on the time, shift and attendance, the payroll can be generated for the employees in the organization.

Features of Shift and Leave

  • Defines Shifts
  • Defines Shift Timings
  • Defines weekly offs
  • Defines weekly off on specific shift timings
  • Assigns shifts to employee's
  • Assigns weekly off to employee's
  • Annual leave, sick leave etc
  • Views leave summary for all employees
  • Views leave summary for a particular employee
  • Leave approval and application