The most important resource of any organization is its people.Effective management of this resource plays an important role in laying the foundation for the growth of any organization.eQHRMS software provides solutions to facilitate your HR needs. It is excellent tool for Human Resource documentation and utilization of the same to carry out daily HR activities.

About eQHRMS

eQuadriga introduces Human Resource Management System(eQ-HRMS) for managing all HR activites. It is a Biometrics Fingerprint recognition based software which has Employee Management, Time and attendance, Shift and Leave,Payroll in a single tightly integrated package. HRMS offers a flexible and easy to use solution for organizations of all sizes. Using this software the management can track the employee information at any point of time besides completely eliminating paper work and saving cost.

HRMS includes

  • HR Management- Department,designation and employee profile can be recorded.
  • Time & Attendance Management- Employee IN/OUT and attendance can be tracked.
  • Shift & Leave Management- Shifts can be assigned and leave can be defined for employees.
  • Payroll Management-Based on the time log,shift and attendance the pay roll can be generated for each employee in the organization.